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This series of virtual events will offer something for everyone and anyone who is interested in making sure victims of domestic abuse can access a range of help and support. Anyone can make a difference; this content is for anyone, regardless of your knowledge or experience of domestic abuse.

Over the 16 days of action the sessions will be grouped into three levels of content:


These sessions are suitable for all and offer a good introduction to the issues victims face and what you can do to help


These events are suitable for all but are a bit more specialised. Great for those who want to build their knowledge


Content for domestic abuse experts wishing to further increase their knowledge, expertise and professional development

There will be events and training throughout that are suitable for:

  • Businesses
  • Housing providers
  • Health professionals
  • Social workers
  • People working in criminal justice
  • Faith groups
  • Food Bank staff & volunteers
  • Students
  • Education & childcare providers
  • Military personnel
  • Local government employees
  • Support groups
  • Community groups & voluntary agencies
  • Anyone who is interested in creating a safer community for victims of abuse


At KIDAS, we are here to help build strong communities that are committed to challenging domestic abuse and speaking out against this destructive social issue. Domestic abuse is everybody’s business and we can all do something to help.

Through this series of virtual events we hope to:

  • Give a broader understanding of abuse
  • Drive empathy and understanding
  • Increase professional confidence
  • Create new links & partnerships
  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders
  • Generate new, more in-depth conversations
  • Build a strong community response so that people are supported to live free from abuse


You can curate your own event, picking the sessions that are important and relevant to you, that you can dip into to suit your schedule. It’s an innovative approach and an opportunity to drive the dialogue forward.

There are 16 sessions over the course of 12 days from an amazing array of presenters; we have experts in their field, incredibly brave survivors talking about their experiences and local service providers all coming together to provide an insight on where we go from here. How do we collectively make things better than they are right now?

We really want you to be a part of this conversation.

Help us to make domestic abuse ‘Everybody’s Business’ – participating in these events will increase the knowledge, empathy and understanding of domestic abuse across Kent and Medway; enabling us all to help create safe, enduring communities where people can live free from abuse.

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